At Holding Ground Architects, we observe, imagine, design, and construct relationships that aim to connect people with their surroundings in resourceful ways. Our idea-driven practice integrates innovation and art with sophisticated project management and lasting client relationships. As designers and builders, we are influenced by existing conditions and salvaged materials, and take advantage of design opportunities that emerge as a project is constructed. Ultimately, each project is a response to the spirit of our clients and the expressive possibilities of light, movement, material and assembly.  

M. Ethan Barlow, Principal Architect

From the beginning of his architecture education, Ethan has been drawn to the process of translating questions and ideas into made things. Inspired by formative professional experiences in mentor-based, collaborative work settings, Ethan set out to establish Holding Ground as a process-based practice emphasizing relationships between people and the landscape. Ethan is a registered Architect and he earned his Master of Architecture from the Rhode Island School of Design. Before beginning his career as an architect, Ethan played professional baseball, worked in finance, and apprenticed to a master carpenter on an island in Maine.

Tripp Lewton, Principal Architect

Tripp is an observer, a coordinator, and above all, a communicator. He has worked professionally with a diverse range of clients and project types. Tripp bridges our clients’ most ambitious design endeavors with the realities and opportunities of construction. His ability to deliver exceptional design under schedule and budget constraints has grown from experience in overseeing complicated commercial, academic and residential projects. Across large and small projects, Tripp excels at communication and agile decision making that empower everyone from clients to craftsmen to contribute to the shared success of each project. Tripp is a registered Architect and earned his Master of Architecture from Montana State University.